Flat Mount Collarete Binder B type For Cover Stitch

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                       Collarette Coverstitch Binder B Style

This Binder is also known as a:

- 4-Fold Binder

- Clean Finish Top and Bottom Binder

- Right-Angle Binder

This Binder folds the Tape/Binding Material twice on the top (Clean Finish) and twice on the bottom (Clean Finish). This is the B Style standard "Collarette" Coverstitch Binder used on virtually all types of T-Shirts and Tops, especially knitwear.  There are two adjustable edge guides screwed onto this world class binder. One sliding guide sets the top edge of the fabric and the other sliding guide sets the bottom fabric edge giving the operator total control over the configuration of the binding (i.e. width of the binding after sewn). This binder sets perfectly folded Tape/Binding Material onto the collars, armholes, and bottoms of knit tops.

SIZES:            1"        (25mm)   CUT;             1/4"     (6.5mm)FINISH

1-1/8" (28mm)   CUT;             9/32"   (7mm)   FINISH

1-1/4" (32mm)   CUT;             5/16"   (8mm)   FINISH

1-3/8" (35mm)   CUT;             11/32" (9mm)    FINISH

1-1/2" (38mm)    CUT;            3/8"     (9.5mm) FINISH

1-3/4" (44.5mm) CUT;            1/2"     (13mm)  FINISH

1-7/8" (47.5mm) CUT;            9/16"   (14mm)  FINISH

2"         (50mm)    CUT;            5/8"     (16mm)  FINISH

2-1/4" (57mm)    CUT;             3/4"     (19mm)  FINISH

Fits and will work on most flatbed cover stitch machines, for cylinder sewing machines a bracket is needed in order to install the binder.

 This binder screws onto the bed of MOST FLATBED COVERSTITCH Machines made by:


These Binders will fit Many Machines including the following:

ARTISAN:    VC-3500    ZJW-122



BROTHER:    2340CV    B257    B271    B272    B277

FEIYUE:   FY007    GK-31016

GEMSY:    500B-01    RXM-77

JUKI:    MF-890    MF-7722    MF-7723    MO-735

KANSAI:    V803F    W803F    DWK-1803F    W8103F

MORITA:    YS-157

PEGASUS:    W41    W61    W62    W63    W542    W562    WS42    WS62    WS64    WT562


SIRUBA:    F007

TAIKO:    TK800F

UNION SPECIAL:    52700    52800    FS300

WILLCOX & GIBBS:    W41    W61    W62    W63    W542    W562    WS42    WS62    WS64    WT562

YAMATA:    GK257    GK357

YAMATO:    DW1259    DW1359    VF2400    VF2500

ZOJE:    W562

We also have   "A STYLE"  Coverstitch Folders. These are DOUBLE Fold on the TOP and SINGLE Fold on the BOTTOM.