High Quality High-Speed Electronic Pattern Machine with Sewing Area of 40X50mm AT 1906

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This heavy duty bartack machine can handle leather, vinyl, canvas, and much more. This machine can attache button, sew straight, bartack, sew X-Box, and is programable to other sewing shapes such as zizag, circle or other special request.

Touch Screen control Panel
with Electronic Patterns preloaded.
USB PORT: YES. you can upload new pattern stitch or other programs (for professional users only.
Power 110v
Low Noise
High efficiency 
Automatic thread trimming
Stitchable area :  40mm x 50mm
Speed: 2500 RPM
Patter Making and regular tacking

Head, control panel screen, motor, table and legs with wheels, clamps for regular tacking and X-box tacking design.
Available shipping in boxes or assembled on a pallet to residential areas.