Fabric Edge Sealer A16

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Fabric Edge Sealer A16
  • Prevents curling at edges.
  • Stop unraveling and fraying of fabrics.
  • Eliminates surging operation.
  • Used primarily on synthetic fabrics.
  • Non-staining.

Net Wt. 10.5OZ


The top and bottom of fabric in every bundle sprayed must be covered with paper to shield top and bottom fabric against overspray. Hold container 6 to 8 inches from work. Move steadily across bundle with very little back and forth motion. Penetration should not be more than 1/16" on most fabrics. Prevents unraveling of fabrics.


This Product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause Cancer and birthd defects or other reproductive arm.

Contains (CAS No.):

Trichloroethlene (79-01-6), Acetone (67-64-1) VM&P Naphtha (8032-32-4), Mineral Spirits (64741-65-7) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (68476-85-7)

Contains no ozone depleting Chemicals.