10 Bobbin for sewing machines

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10 Bobbin for sewing machines

Compatible with

Consew 225 

Consew 226R-1 

Consew 255 

Consew 255RB-3 

Juki LU562 

Singer 111-W100 

Singer 111-W102 

Singer 111-W103 

Singer 111-W104 

Singer 111-W105 

Singer 111-W112 

Singer 111-W113 

Singer 111-W114 

Singer 111-W150 

Singer 111-W151 

Singer 111-W152 

Singer 111-W153 and more!


Juki LU562   LU563 LU562   LU563

Singer 111-W152

Singer 111-W153

Singer 111-W154

Singer 111-W155

Singer 112G

Singer 112W

Singer 153K

Singer 153W

Singer 211 U567

singer 110-125

SINGER 46W,47W,51W,52W,52K, 151W

 Bobbin for Consew 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 332